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      Nuriva and Renaderm

      Ordered a trial supply and paid for S+H. WAS SUPPOSED TO HAVE 18 DAYS TO CANCEL BUT WAS CHARGED 86.15 before the time was up. I don't even know how to contact them and I was looking at another product…

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:51 minutes ago 23 Related Reports
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      Your intentionally lengthy & misspelled terms & conds says to cancel future monthly billing to contact CS@ComLounge.com. I opened that & Picture of girls had no place to do such canceling. I do want t…

      Anonymous Peter Posted:2 hours ago 2 Related Reports
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      Allergo luxury

      I was offered a gift, pay shipping only, from Allegro Luxury for taking a brief survey about Amazon. The promotion suggested it was Amazon affiliated. This was in early December. Charge appeared Ja…

      Anonymous ken Posted:2 hours ago 1 Related Reports
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      Straight Talk/Trac Phone

      While Traveling out west for legal reasons I was in an area I did not know as what the locals call a dead zone for Straight talk/verizon service. I needed my phone, a phone, something I would be able…

      Anonymous Sherry Posted:2 hours ago 2 Related Reports
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      Made a reservation with reservation desk. the pace was terrible with holes in the walls and just an awful place all around. could not get refund wanted to go elsewhere toolk photos, cdalled a bunch…

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:2 hours ago 65 Related Reports
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      Selling some expensive items online,receive an offer from pageron03@gmail.com,he is in USA and therefore will contact his courier to collect the items and calculate the shipping costs which he will ad…

      Anonymous Carolyn Posted:3 hours ago 3 Related Reports
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      Controller Plus

      I ordered a controller for my son on 7/04/16. It is now 1/24/17 and I am still waiting for this item. I have contacted this company several times and have been told on at least three separate occasion…

      Anonymous Sunnita Posted:5 hours ago 47 Related Reports

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