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      I ordered boots made by Barker UK from muckworks.co.uk.....and received ten days later a completely different item....boots made in China. If you search "muckwork.co.uk" you don't (yet) get any retur…

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:1 hour ago 1 Related Reports
    • Hunzel Associates

      Was offered warranties in shares that I had in Battery4life and they used Colonialstock in Salt Lake City UT 84111 as the transfer agent which ended up as a fraudulent letter implying Colonialstock an…

      Anonymous Charl Posted:1 hour ago 2 Related Reports
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      WWW.PRUDENTIALVISAS.COM IS A SCAM IN DUBAI It is operated by RAY LECERTE BAGANO, it is a telephone scam they call people in dubai and saudi arabia from mobile phone numbers asking for payments, an…

      Anonymous Janet Posted:2 hours ago 1 Related Reports
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      Selling fake clothes online.and even dont have right clothes which shows on pictures only they send you t shirts which are fake.

      Anonymous Erik Posted:3 hours ago 1 Related Reports
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      American Immigration Center

      I Google immigration for my renewal and this site popped up first looks legit and I did my filing order #8424481303 date was 4-15-2015 they charge $170.00 and I found out it's a scam I found out immi…

      Anonymous Maria Posted:7 hours ago 19 Related Reports
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      I ordered a pair of Windsor Smith boots and paid 180 dollars for them. It has been 2 weeks and my order status still says pending. I received a pair of shoes completely different to what i had ordered…

      Anonymous OLIVIA Posted:11 hours ago 1 Related Reports
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      Was under the impression that this product was free except for shipping of 4.95 but was charged 134.22 only 5 days after receiving the product. This is a scam!!!

      Anonymous Anonymous Posted:11 hours ago 3 Related Reports

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